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Growing when facing crisis

Crisis: Opportunity to grow?

Could a Crisis be a Great  Opportunity to grow?

For the Chinese, the meaning of the word CRISIS is associated with danger and opportunity. For this reason, it may indicate that the crisis is an instance of change or great for taking a decision on which way to choose. Do you think so too? Could Everything breaking, falling or suffering from an abrupt change  become a growth opportunity?

Being in the present means to refuse go somewhere else, “says Miguel Lagos, psychologist and author of” From the mind to the heart ”

On many occasions, we have heard and we saw  unexpected opportunities that come to us after going through many periods of pain, confusion and instability in our personal lives.

This depended on our attitude. Those who see it as chaos, do not participate, do not invest and lag behind their decisions. Those who see it as an opportunity, participate in paradigm shifts, invest, take risks and sacrifices and achieve some of the biggest successes ever.

Similarly, the opportunity hidden behind a crisis won’t present itself until fully recognized and accepted. How is this? When something terrible happens to me or someone close to me such as an accident, illness, pain, separation or some death it may seem like it’s not that bad or does not affect me, exerting resistance and delaying the importance of real pain and continue trapped in a sufficient. This situation, however, can be accompanied by sadness and tears, but once you have abandoned the resistance, you will find  a deep serenity and acceptance allowing you both an inner and outer transformation. Sometimes visible and immediately, at deeper levels initially and more obvious changes later.

The author refers alongside other issues to the existence of the “common man” and “spiritual warrior” who live in each of us and faces them differently to crises giving a present totally unequal.


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