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organizing life

Know How To Organize Your Life

What is Life?

The very true fact of this universe is that biggest mystery of life is life itself. Does this sound as a strange question to you? Of course it does. Not only for you but for every one who heard this. But if you go by some philosophy then Life is too deep for words. So Life is not about living forever, it’s about creating something that will. And everyone knows that for anything to persist, organising it is a key.



Why to Organize life ?

A very short but effective statement “An unorganised person can only have the bitter taste of life”. You have to organise things from your wallet to your bank account, from your room to your office. This is what makes an important role of organising things in your life.
How to organize your life:

In today’s time everyone is lacking one thing for sure and that is time. Being an organised person makes you time efficient and who doesn’t know the worth of time in today’s world. A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the true value of Life. What better saying can encourage you for organised life than “Dream as if you’ll live forever and live as if you’ll die tomorrow”?

Following are the few tips to help you in organising your life in a better and balanced life:


• Mental Strength is the Key: No one can ever try to go a step ahead in his life without having peace in his mind. Only a relaxed and calm mind can be your best partner to finish things off on a higher note. So you should organise things and keep your mind out of tension always.



• Get to know WHY? : It’s always a common question to one’s mind is why do I get or feel cluttered? Sometimes the busy schedule or sometimes the lack of motivation can block your way from getting organised life. So it’s necessary to acknowledge the reason and try to change it immediately to get a better ad easy life.

• Keeping Notes: We all will agree that remembering something most of the times, is the toughest task of one’s life. So it’s always better to make either a digital note or write in some diary in which you can make note of your daily needs and other things which you use frequently. You can make notes of things or tasks which you have scheduled.

• Get things done: Procrastination Might sound funny to you but yes it is the biggest sin. Don’t put off your work for tomorrow try to get it done immediately. Pending tasks have always been the biggest overhead for anyone so give some peace to your tensed mind by completing your task within the time. Don’t overwhelm yourself by getting more and more tasks just try to get rid of things which are less important to you.


• Carry Yourself in presentable manner: Healthy breakfast is essential for healthy and happy morning. Carrying yourself means wearing a good and cleanly dressed. Getting dressed in a good manner makes you presentable to the world.


• No one is Perfect: If you think you will finish your work only if it is done with perfection then you are leaving a many tasks unfinished. Try dropping the less important tasks than giving your full day to them. If you are planning to get it finished at perfection then it is not going to happen sooner.


• Greed when you need: Don’t get cluttered by keeping everything with you. Having only things which you need makes you an organised person and gives you the best taste of those things. It’s always better to get rid of few things rather than renting space for them.


• Don’t be Representative: any need to be delegate. If you want an organised life then try not to fill your life with meeting schedules only. You will feel that the less important things have been slowly organised out.


• Prioritize your personal life: Making balance between your professional and personal life is very important to make your life organised. Give some beautiful time to your personal life because it is the only thing which can put smile on your face when remembering past.


• Work Hard: If you have delegated responsibilities then it becomes necessary to work hard or work very hard. You can complete it by making schedule about what you have to do and when you can schedule it.


• Block your calendar: Block your calendar for each week to declutter your life. You should try to get time every week and get things organised. Improve your plans by looking into its implementation during past week.


• Recycling is the need: It is complete waste of energy if you have to buy everything which you really do not need. This overhead can be handled by recycling your valuables which can be helpful to you anyhow.


• Stick with one tool: Try different approach for every single task may give you nightmares so better stick with one tool one approach for similar type of tasks.


• Everything needs home: Everything needs home to be in as you do. Yes it is correct; you cannot put knives with your toothbrush. So always remember to put things on their proper place so that you need not to remember when you used that last time and in which year (wink).


• Divide and Rule: Many victories have been written on this single line only. If you want to live an easy and organised life then start following it from now only. Categorize your stuff and put them with their friends only.


• Control your life on your own: This might sound strange to you but it isn’t. The meaning behind this point is never let others decide priorities in your life. Whatever things you use, never let them do other way around.