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are cheat days bad

Junk Food

Lose Weight by Eating Unhealthy Foods!

Did you know that you can lose Weight by Eating Unhealthy Foods?

Before we start, eating junk food regularly won’t help you in your battle against weight loss. However, for anyone following a strict diet, they offer a mental relief that enables them to move on to their next goal more optimistically and effortlessly.


We all know it’s nearly impossible to follow a perfectly healthy eating program and strict exercise plan at all times, all the time. And to make matters worse, the moment you decide to change your old unhealthy food choices for good, it’s when you start to crave for them even more.

However, not all hope is lost! Scientific research suggests that in order to follow a weight-loss diet long term nothing beats the intentional cheat day. Yes, planning to cheat is actually good!


The power of cheat days

When you know that there’s a day for eating junk, you can stay stronger the rest of the days. You can even stare at temptation in the face and smile at it, knowing that sooner or later you will get what you want. By knowing that you only have a few more days to go until you can eat whatever you want enables you to stay stronger during those tribulations. In contrast, if you think of them as “forbidden” meals forever and ever, you will crave them like crazy until you finally give in to them_ and rest assured that sooner or later you will give in!

But is there any science supporting cheat days?

Indeed there are. In one of the latest studies on weight loss carried out in Portugal, the participants were placed on a 10,500 calorie diet per week. Half of them had a cheat day which allowed them to eat whatever they wanted on Sundays.


After two weeks into the study, every single person had lost weight. What’s  interesting is that both groups had lost a similar amount of weight but those who had been allowed to cheat felt more motivated and optimistic about their future weight loss objectives. The group that had followed the plan to the T without any deviation or cheat days was craving certain foods and struggling more to continue their challenge.

According to Rita Coelho do Vale Ph.D., who was in charge of  the study,

          ‘…when goal-deviation behaviors are planned, that is, part of the     long-term plan they may actually help rather than hurt successful goal pursuit.’


Tips to make cheat days work for you too!

Choose any day of the week that’s good for you and stick to it!

Do not to go overboard! Enjoy a nice junky meal but that’s it. Don’t eat the same amount of it that 3 people would.

Do some extra exercise before eating the junk food.


Cheat Days Tips!

And that’s it! Do this and you’ll look trimmer than ever while enjoying that slice of pizza that you’ve been craving all week.