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Know How To Have Successful Start To Your Day

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”



It’s still dark outside as the unavoidable alarm bell goes off! This first thing you do is pulling up your curtain and a very refreshing atmosphere is waiting for you outside of the window.

The moment you stumble out of bed and go into the shower, a new day just begins for you.

Now the question is- how to have a successful start of your day?

Always remember one thing that what you do at the beginning of a new morning sets the tone for the entire day and now choice is yours. It’s your decision and you can decide it as soon as you wake up, that today will be a great day for you. Yes, as I told you, this is your choice of the day.
You can simply choose to be in a complete positive frame of mind.

All it needs a successful start of a day because a good start sets you up for a more fulfilling and productive day.

The method of starting a good day consists of few simple steps.

Make a list …..not an essay!

Just before hitting the bed tonight, you should definitely invest sometimes for yourself and start making a list of very important thing that needs to be done tomorrow. Leave the note beside you so that you can read it just after waking up.

Don’t be an alarm puppet:

At least have thirty minutes between the time you press the snooze off button and get out of the bed! This span of thirty minutes is the most crucial time because this time is completely yours and you should use this time to set the good mood for rest of the day. Today is yours and of course today will bring the best thing for you.

Make sure you are not lying in the span of this thirty minutes because it could again make you fall asleep.

Wake yourself properly with some little exercises like stretching.



Now go for a walk….not a walking race!

The whole purpose of walking outdoor for fifteen minutes to half an hour is to enjoy the nature outside. Recite some positive affirmation as you walk. Enjoy the cool air and whistle of birds. Think about all the good things that have happened to you and things that you should be grateful for.

Once you are back to home, take a shower and enjoy a light breakfast. Start your journey at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time so that you won’t have to rush



Setting a low bar for happiness is actually important. It will make you grateful for every little thing that makes you happier that you used to take for granted like having a roof over the head. It actually makes you stay positive and at the same time you will find simple happiness throughout the day.



Finally- “Why so serious? Put some smile on that face”!



Nope, it’s not putting smile on the face like Batman’s Joker but yes, a smiling face can make the entire day smoother. Keeping a light smile for every tiny happiness would make you feel good and positive!


Work Smarter, Not Harder_ and make more money!


1. Get in Touch with Talented People

Just about every entrepreneur who accomplishes financial success is aware of the fact that they are unable to do everything on their own. Surrounding oneself with talented individuals helps us attain our objectives and it gives us the chance to delegate an ever larger list of important assignments as well. If you are presently juggling innumerable work projects, you will need to make any necessary changes to lighten your burden. Always bear in mind that this change alone can make or break your business.


2. Outsource as Many Tasks as Possible
This will enable you to save a lot of time and energy while saving you the costly errors that frequently derive from working non-stop on a weekly basis. As the saying goes: “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.”


3. Choose the opportunities presented to you
Even though you may be faced with several business opportunities, you need to sort through your options to select those that will enhance your profits without increasing your workload.


4. Don’t allow Social Media access during work hours
Social media play a vital role in every company and every company must have an active role in them. However, Social Media can also be a huge waste of employee productivity time. Not allowing access to Social Media will improve the workers’ productivity immediately.


5. Shorten Your Meetings
Meetings are a waste of productive time. Keep them short and to the point. Structure your meetings so you can make sure that every little thing will be dealt with quickly. Everyone will learn to be more concise and make every second matter.

You’ll be surprised to see how these five time-tested tips can boost your income to work time ratio dramatically and it will also make it a lot easier to achieve your personal and business goals.